This article addresses how contracts, regardless of source, will be approved. This includes Purchasing Contracts but does not include Purchase Orders.

The design of the Supplier Contract Approval Workflow will incorporate the required digital signatures via DocuSign integration with PeopleSoft’s approval workflow. The transaction records requiring approvals & signatures will be prohibited from processing until all signatures are received.

Each contract is assigned a contract type, which determines the workflow. There are various workflows, depending on Contract Type. Contract Type determines the path.

There are several potential sources of documents that may be turned into contracts. Sources are as follows:

  1. Strategic sourcing RFx document
  2. Cut-and-paste of entire contract from external system into PeopleSoft
  3. Procurement Contract
  4. Purchase Order
  5. Requisition
  6. Contract created directly in Supplier Contract Management


Workflow 1: Chapter 21 Purchasing Contract


Workflow 2: Chapter 21 Purchasing Contract -- Term Contract Commodities, Term Contract General Services


Workflow 3: Chapter 21 Professional Services and P-Form Contracts


Workflow 4A: Chapter 6 Construction Contract Entry & Contract Modification


Workflow 4B: Chapter 6 Construction Contract Change Orders < 10%


Workflow 4C: Chapter 6 Construction Contract Unilateral Change Orders


Workflow 5: Chapter 6 Professional Services


Workflow 6: Grants