Updated March 22, 2020

If there was ever a time to use DocuSign to execute your contracts, it’s now. The City has invested in a full integration of DocuSign within our SF Procurement Supplier Contract Management module, eliminating the need to "touch" documents, and reducing the time to circulate physical contracts between multiple parties. The City Attorney, Office of Contracts Administration, and Controller's Office staff are all well-versed in DocuSign, and the SF Employee Portal Support team is available to help. DocuSign is available Citywide--no additional licenses needed for new users--and is protected with Multi-factor Authentication. 

This document explains how to set up signatures in SF Procurement, initiate and complete the signature process in DocuSign, and dispatch and execute a signed document.

The key tops in the DocuSign process are:

  • Topic 1: Navigating Directly to Document Management
  • Topic 2: Setting Up Supplier Contract Attachments for DocuSign
  • Topic 3: Setting Up Signatures After Approval
  • Topic 4: Setting Up Signatures Before Approval
  • Topic 5: Signing in DocuSign 
  • Topic 6: View Certificate of Completion in DocuSign
  • Topic 7: Dispatch and Execute
  • Topic 8: Canceling the Signature Process
  • Topic 9: Contract Types and Signing Order

Supplier Contract Approval 

The contract approval process is based on the contract document created in or imported into Document Management. For your contract to be approved, you must create a document either by using the document creation wizard or import a document as a draft. This job aid does not discuss the creation or importing of documents, or the approval process; please refer to the Supplier Contract Management: Document Management job aid for further information.