Overview: These steps and video are designed for users who have already setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and need to update their Password, Email Address, or MFA information. 

If you have never registered for MFA please go to How to Register for MFA as a Current User

1. From the SF Employee Gateway (https://sfgov.org/sfc/employee-gateway), click on the "DT IAM Support Password Reset" tile.

2. Type in your Username and Password click the Agree & Sign In button. Your username is the Employee ID/DSW (Disaster Service Worker) number found on the back of your employee badge. This same credential is used to log into your computer and email systems. Your password is the network password you use to sign in.

3. You will be prompted to use one of the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods to verify your identity:

                     a. Use the Mobile App you previously downloaded

                     b. Secure code sent to your phone if you entered a mobile phone#

                     c. Respond to security questions that were previously setup

4. Once you verify your identity you will arrive at the MyApps Portal where you can update your password, email address, or MFA information.