Purpose of this Article: This solution article provides step by step instructions on how to update Additional Components of Pay such as Acting Assignment Pay, Supervisory Differential, and Motorcycle Pay after Mass Salary Updates

Audience: SF People & Pay Power Users

Author: Alexis Cruz Eusebio

Version/Update Date: 2.0 / 12/15/2020


The Controller’s Systems Division processes MOU-driven Mass Salary Updates for salary step employees. Rows are added in employee Job Data using Action/Reason “Pay Rate Change/Across-the-Board” to update salary step employee pay rates. Departments are responsible for adding an effective sequenced row in Job Data using Action/Reason “Pay Rate Change/Adjustment” for employees with Additional Components of Pay to adjust their Acting Assignment Pay, Supervisory Differential Pay or Motorcycle Pay. Follow the steps below to update Additional Components of Pay.


Part I. Identify employees with Additional Components of Pay by running the MRG_HR_EE_ADDL_PAY query.


Part II. Update the employee’s Additional Component of Pay 

1. Add a new effective dated row in Job Data

2. Use the same Effective Date as the “Pay Rate Change/Across the Board” row

3. Increase the Effective Sequence number by one

4. Select Action/Reason “Pay Rate Change/Adjustment”


5. Click the Compensation tab

6. Update the employee’s Comp Rate for their Additional Component of Pay

7. Click the Default Pay Components button

8. Click the Calculate Compensation button

9. Click the Save button


10. You will receive a warning message that you’ve chosen the Pay Rate Change action, but have not changed the Pay Rate, which refers to the employee’s NAHRLY base rate. Acknowledge the message by clicking the OK button.


11. Click the Save button again and your transaction will save

12. Add a comment in the Notepad to indicate the reason for adjusting the Additional Component of Pay, and you have reached the end of the process




  • Training: Reach out to the SF Employee Portal Support team
  • Compensation Rates: Contact the Department of Human Resources, Class and Compensation Unit