The following step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to submit your COVID-19 Vaccine status via the SF Employee Portal. 

Please review the attached COVID-19 Vaccine and Face Coverings Policy memos published by the Department of Human Resources. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact your department's Human Resources Representative. 

How to Submit your COVID-19 vaccine status via the SF Employee Portal Video and Instructions

Step 1: Go to the SF Employee Gateway

Step 2: Click the SF Employee Portal tile and log in. If you have issues logging in, Click here to review an article to assist you.

Step 3: Once you arrive on the Portal main page, Click on the MY LINKS tab and on Click the EMPLOYEE LINKS tab.

Step 4: On the Employee Links tab find HR Information (NEW).

Step 5: If this is your first time entering your Vaccine Status Click "Add Vaccine Status" and proceed to Step 6. If you have already submitted your vaccine status and would like to update or view your submission, Click here to see our "How to Update/View your Vaccine Status" article.

Step 6A popup box will appear with three tabs.  Please review the Instructions Tab before you begin. 

Step 7: Click on the Form tab to enter in the required information. (Required information listed below for reference)

On the Form tab you will be required to input the following information:

1. Are you vaccinated?

2. Vaccine Name?

3. Date of First Vaccination?

Only enter the second date if you received the vaccine that required two doses.

4. Date of Second Vaccination?

Step 8: Once you have entered your information, Click on the Save button before going to the next step! If you do not save your entry the system will not allow you to upload your vaccine documentation. Do not click the submit button before uploading your vaccine documentation. 

Step 9: Click on the Attachments tab to upload your vaccine documentation. 

Step 10: Click the Attach button to select the vaccination documentation you have saved to your computer/phone.

Step 11: Click the Choose File button to locate the vaccination documentation you have saved to your computer/phone and Click the Upload button.

Chrome View                                                             Firefox       

Your file will appear as pictured below once attached. 

Step 12: Click the Form tab to finalize your submission. On the Form tab, Click the Submit button for completion.