Establishing a permanent supplier record on the supplier file ensures accurate information for tax, reporting, and management purposes. However, a Single Payment Voucher (SPV) is used in special circumstances for one-time payments only to suppliers not in the City and County of San Francisco Supplier database.

The Single Payment (formerly known as one-time payment in FAMIS) is only for authorized non-recurring and non-1099 reportable payments to one-time suppliers. Refer to Section 4.6.2 1099 Reportable Payments in Controller’s office Accounting Policies & Procedures for more information about what is and is not 1099-reportable.


The key topics involved in the Creating Single Payment voucher process are:

• Topic 1: Limitations of Single Payment Voucher

• Topic 2: Creating Single Payment Voucher

Author: Teodra Ivanova

Date: 7/1/17

Version: 1.0