Voucher templates allow you to save and copy voucher information. If you create repetitive vouchers, such as for multiple ChartField distributions, you can save time by using a template.

If you want to create a voucher from a template, you must first create a voucher as a template for a specific Supplier. The template creates a voucher, which is never paid, budget checked, or posted. It is a model for other vouchers.

  • When copying from a voucher template, PeopleSoft copies the ChartField information. Therefore, templates are the most useful when there are many distribution lines.

  • Voucher templates are associated with particular Suppliers. Note that when a template is created, anyone can access and use it.

  • A voucher template continues to be used after the original voucher has been paid and posted.

  • However, a voucher template cannot be created from a voucher that is already paid or posted.


The key topics involved in the Using voucher template process are:

  • To­­­­­pic 1: Creating Template Voucher
  • Topic 2: Using Voucher Template

Author: Teodra Ivanova

Date: 7/1/17

Version: 1.0