The creation of new ChartField values is a centralized function of the Controller’s office. Departments need to submit requests for the creation of new ChartFields after completing the attached spreadsheet and submitting their request directly to Please indicate the ChartField(s) being requested in the Subject line.

Use the attached ChartField change request forms to make changes or request a new chart of account codes for your department. This file includes the following fields: Department, Fund, Project, Authority, Agency Use, Account, and Transfers in and out (TRIO). Ensure to completely fill out the Interest Allocation Mapping Form within the Fund Form when requesting new Fund code(s). Additionally, you must identify the required Project Type when requesting Project code(s). The attached form has been revised to reflect the most current version as of September 21, 2023.

Attachment:  ChartField Change and Request forms

Category: General Ledger

Tags: New Chartfields, Chart field, Attributes, Project, Activity, Department, Fund, Authority, Account


9/21/23 Updated Excel spreadsheet

3/16/22 Updated Excel spreadsheet

8/21/20 Notes on column headers have been updated and the “Lists” tab has been hidden.

6/8/20 An update was made highlighting the example rows for each form.     

8/23/19 Seven options from the drop-down for account type on the accounts tab

5/24/19 Reflect the new Multiple Codes Request per CF and add the new Interest Allocation Mapping Form for Fund Requests