Procedure Steps

Scenario: In this procedure, you will learn how to modify an existing Expense Authorization that was returned to you. This article provides a step-by-step guide to update your Expense Authorization.

Step 1) Log into the SF Employee Portal via the SF Employee Gateway and click the View Expense Authorization link under the Employee Links tab.


Step 2) Click the Returned folder, find your expense Authorization and scroll all the way to the right. 

Please note, you must move the scroll bar to the right to enter the Expense Authorization.

Step 3) Click the Arrow button at the end to select the Expense Authorization you wish to update.

Step 4) Click the PeopleSoft Classic link to update your Expense Authorization.

Step 5) Modify your Expense Authorization. 

Please note, to see all the fields, you must scroll to the right.


Step 6)  Scroll to the right and click Save for Later to save your work, or Summary and Submit if you're ready to submit your Expense Authorization.