The following step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to request reimbursement for expenses already approved via an Expense Authorization.

Before you begin: Gather all supporting documents 

Include item price and circle/highlight/underline the event date and item price. 

a. Each union's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has different criteria for who and what is eligible for reimbursement. Review your union's MOU and the proposed eligible expenses.

b. Does your request include travel outside CA? Verify the state on the Chapter 12X Banned State list web page.

c. If your request includes travel, please include the applicable documents: 

i. Hotel: The conference sponsored lodging rate or Federal Per Diem rate

ii. Airfare: One travel fare aggregator website (e.g., Expedia, Hotwire, Kayak, etc.) screenshot that includes at least three quotes from San Francisco Bay Area direct to the conference/training location. Flight must be economy or coach class only. Upgrades are not reimbursable. Same day or near day tickets purchases are not reimbursable. Travel insurance is not a reimbursable expense. 

iii. Mileage: An online map with number of miles between worksite/home and conference/ training location (For example, to Sacramento, CA or Monterey, CA). Please note that mileage to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and/or Seattle is reimbursable up to the price of an air fare quote.

If you have any questions about expense policies, please contact your department's Human Resources Representative. 

How to Create an Expense Report from an approved Expense Authorization

Step 1) Log into the SF Employee Portal via the SF Employee Gateway:

Step 2) Under the Expense Authorizations section in the Employee Links tab, click View Expense Authorization.

Step 3) The Expense Authorization Search page displays. Click Approved in the menu on the left to view all Approved Expense Authorizations, then click the drop-down arrow next to the Expense Authorization you would like to copy. Click Copy To Expense Report.


Step 4) The Expense Entry page is displayed. Click on the OK button.


Step 5) A new Expense Report will be created with all the data copied from your approved Expense Authorization. Please review all data for accuracy and note the following:

  • Review and update the Date to the actual date of the expense incurred as the Date entered in the Expense Authorization may have been an estimate.
  • Review and update the Reimbursement Amount to the actual amount of the expense incurred as the Amount entered in the Expense Authorization may have been an estimate. Please note the updated Reimbursement Amount may not exceed the amount approved in the Expense Authorization.
  • Do not change the Reimbursement Method from Direct Deposit. Prepaid option is only for expense reports that have been prepaid by the City (i.e. you will not get reimbursed if you select Prepaid).

Step 6) Once you have reviewed and updated the Expense Report, please attach all supporting documentation and click Review and Submit.

Please note that attachments from Expense Authorizations are not copied over to Expense Reports. You must re-attach any required documentation to support the expense. Supporting documents may include itemized receipts from the vendor with zero balance to demonstrate what was purchased, proof of payment, and proof of successful completion.

For additional information about how to submit an Expense Report, please refer to our How to Request an Expense Reimbursement article.

Step 7) The Expense Report Summary is displayed.  It shows that the Expense Authorization is associated to the Expense Report.  If everything looks good, click Submit.


Step 8) You have learned how to create an Expense Report from a Tuition Reimbursement Expense Authorization. Following submission, your reimbursement request will be routed for approval. 

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Please submit an SF Employee Portal Support Request if you have any additional questions that are not already answered in the resources linked above.